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Ann M. Ellis, LMT
2601 Main Street, Brewster, MA

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Fourth State of Water

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Fourth state of water? Solid, Liquid, gas... and Liquid Crystalline! See how the molecular organization of water in our bodies affects our well being.


Dawn Chorus: This is a beautiful way to wake up and set a positive intention for the day! A calming and inspirational video by Garth and Sandy Whitcombe of sunrise over the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland New Zealand featuring the sounds of native birdsong and Garth's original music. View below.



JFB Find A Therapist Link: Find my listing or find a JFB trained therapist anywhere! www.mfrtherapists.com

John Barnes website: Great resource for all things JFBMFR, including links to articles, blogs and MFR chat line. www.myofascialrelease.com/fascia_massage/public/resources.asp

John Barnes fireside chat 2: More interview on unwinding and rebounding. Watch

Scott Van Niekerk is an expert JFBMFR therapist in Brewster, NY and Manhattan, NY. He has posted some informative videos on YouTube.
  What is MFR?

  Yellow ball self treatment technique: Watch

  Foam roller self treatment techniques: Watch

Diaphragmatic Breathing Instructional Video: Watchcwc logo

The Cape Wellness Collaborative (CWC) is a local non profit which works with local wellness professionals to provide free-of-charge integrative therapies to those facing cancer on Cape Cod and the Islands. I am proud to be a participating practitioner. www.capewellnesscollaborative.com

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